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Consultation, site characterization and analysis, and construction of customized bot systems for Whatsapp

Simplify and improve your interactions with customers

Automation with a Twist

Automated tools for hundreds of thousands of Whatsapp users that transform your daily use of the app into better, smarter and more efficient.

Excellent tools for hundreds of social media influencers that make managing their online advertising easier, swifter and more efficient, plus increases exposure…


Useful information exactly when you need it:  Daily Zmanim, currency exchange, public transportation info and more


Helps status viewers reveal content creators by topic, join automatically, rate statuses and more!


Helps social media influencers synchronize and post Whatstapp status without errors, receive viewing data and more

Twist is a software development company specializing in Whatsapp bots and automation that make work and daily life easier and more efficient for hundreds of companies, small and midsize businesses, non-profits, content creators, social media influencers and private Whatsapp users.

Founded in 2018, Twist pioneered the bots and automation industry for Whatsapp-Israel, and over the years, has innovated and developed numerous bot designated to help businesses and private users save precious time and effort by automating tasks, improving customer service and decreasing response time while providing more effective, efficient service.

We formulated special bots for status advertising and marketing which is a highly-effective tool for Whatsapp users and content creators. Simultaneously, we formulated a free info bot that offers users useful information such as daily zmanim, currency exchange, public transportation schedules and notifications, information regarding cars by license plate numbers, etc.

With the vast knowledge and expertise that we’ve accumulated in the field and our fabulous team of developers who thrive on challenge, we’re proud to offer you outstanding consulting and development services and to escort you personally—every step of the way.

About Us


Autosaving your Contact List is vital for content creators and advertisers seeking to increase their viewers and expose themselves to new target audiences

Save Your Contact List

הדמיה מסך ווטסאפ
הודעת טקסט
תמונה של חדשות ניוז
הודעת טקסט
הודעת טקסט


Automatic advertising and status posting for content creators and advertisers includes options for timing, evaluating, statistical analysis, and more!

Automatic Content Advertising

הדמיה מסך ווטסאפ
תמונה של שקיעה
הודעת טקסט

Who Benefits from Our Services?

Content creators, influencers & advertisers

Are you a content creator or influencer who makes extensive use of Whatshapp as an advertising and marketing tool? Have you noticed that Whatsapp often crashes exactly as you’re uploading a new status, or that you try posting a status at a specific time and miss your window of opportunity by a second?

Do you save thousands of contact names and number in your communication device manually?

Did you answer yes to any of the above?

Never again!

Save time, increase media exposure, invite users to register automatically, advertise and coordinate statuses to the day and hour, and of course, log your viewers using the innovative tool that we’vw developed especially for you!

With Twist, you’ll save time, increase your response rate, improve customer service and become more efficient!

Businesses, Companies and Non-Profits

Do you own or manage a business and deal daily with clients? Do you find yourself frequently wasting time as you answer FAQs repeatedly, arrange appointments and meetings, update statuses and perform countless daily activities time and again?

If you’ve answered yes to any of the above, it’s time to revolutionize your system and transform Whatsapp into a tool that works for you—automatically!

 With Twist, you’ll save time, increase your response rate, improve customer service and become more efficient!

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